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Neil & Lisa Fordham

Thank you so much to Daniel and his boys, our floors are absolutely gorgeous. We made the right decision with choosing polished concrete, makes our apartment seem larger and they are so easy to keepRead More

The Basic of Concrete Polishing

Beauty radiates from outside when it is being enhanced by inside. Just like our houses or any edifice, the beauty of it starts from outside. Beautifully outside, visitors will be mesmerized and captivated to seeRead More

Polished Concrete Floors

Are you wanting to start a new renovation project and give your home a fresh new look? Why not start with your floors! If your home has tired old carpet, tiles that require re-grouting everyRead More

Concrete Floor Polishing Contractor

Find a fully certified Concrete Floor Polishing Contractor to come and inspect your home to obtain a no obligation free quote and then ask them about how your boring old concrete floors will look onceRead More

Residential Concrete Floors

Here’s a thought, we already have concrete floors throughout our home! What if we could transform these into stylish, elegant, glossy, fire- resistant floors and easy to maintain floors? Not only in these modern timesRead More