Beauty radiates from outside when it is being enhanced by inside.

Just like our houses or any edifice, the beauty of it starts from outside. Beautifully outside, visitors will be mesmerized and captivated to see its interior.  Thus, the floor plays a big role in impressing them the moment they enter our door steps. Shiny, concrete, well -polished floors can fascinate their eyes ,making them dance on it. 

 Below are the basics on maintaining your concrete floors- the basics of concrete polishing.

Yet, before that, let’s have a walkthrough on the tools and materials needed to polish your concrete floors.


Some tools and equipment in polishing your floor can be found in our own homes. Some of them are available at the nearest hardware stores in your vicinity. Here are the roosters of equipment to prepare:

  • .Water, bucket, soap and brush are used as preliminary cleaners on your concrete floors.
  • protective eyewear,gloves and masks for safety.
  • Concrete filler when there are crack on your concrete floors
  • Grinder used to grind concrete surfaces
  • Concrete grinding discs
  • chemical liquid hardener
  • burnishing pads
  • concrete sealer


To gain back the elegance of your floors, it is not enough that we just wipe it with cloth and water.  Sad to note that it takes some methods on polishing your floors to make them shiny and dust free; furthermore, it requires a lot of effort and time making it glossy and presentable again.

I am presenting you some basic steps in polishing your concrete floors.

  1. Prepare the tools, equipment and materials.
  2. Clean the concrete floors with water, soap,and brittle brush to remove dust. You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain too.
  3. Remember to wear protective gears such as eyewear, masks, gloves, safety goggles and earplugs.
  4. Have an inspection on the crack floors and put some concrete filler in it.
  5. Use the concrete grinder and grinding discs to grind your concrete floors. Read first the instructions to operate the equipment before using.

Note: Grinding discs are varied depending on its grits.

  1. Do the grinding process using the variety of grinding discs from 80- grits to 400 grits.
  2. After the grinding process, put some liquid chemical hardener to make the concrete floors less dusty.
  3. Do the final grinding procedures with a 3000 grit – disc.This will bring a high gloss appearance.
  4. Put the burnishing pad to the grinder to make the floor smooth.
  5. Apply the concrete sealer protecting the floor to grease, dirt and stains.
  6. Burnish the concrete floors again to enhance its glossiness.

Following these steps will lead you to polish your concrete floors but these will require a lot of time, money and effort to make it done. 


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