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Versatile companies in the concreting industry are not just about putting up polished concrete surfaces. Concreting is backed up by technology, and is a wide-ranging industry that includes heavy construction projects, public works and flooring projects for residential locations.

The premium is on lasting, useful and beautiful results, and you should choose between the best companies that provide concreting jobs. That is because there are so many products on the market, basically many kinds of processes or systems related to doing concrete projects.

For polished concrete, preparing a floor is the most important first step for completing a project. That is, you can’t create the kind of surface required without first doing a preparation process.

Advanced Concrete Floor Preparation

Let’s get straight to the point when it comes to preparing old floors or any surface for a concrete finish. It doesn’t have to be our HiPERFLOOR finish, it might simply be a spray on of sealer on the surface. 

The thing is that it will include the worst parts of removing things from old floors. Vinyl tiles and naps of carpet stuck on with industrial grade adhesives to the flooring foundation. That is daunting and not something that all polished contractor companies will be willing to do for you.

Advanced Concrete Polishing provides floor preparation services for both commercial and residential polished concrete floors that provide complete packages for concreting or concrete related work:

  1. Removal of old tiles, grout, carpets, vinyl and concrete.
  2. Removal of paint coats, adhesives and dirt that have adhered to old surfaces.
  3. Brushing and wet cleaning the surface preparatory to final concreting. 

These are not only for the main projects in concrete polishing that the company does. These can be done for the following:

  1. Painting or repainting of the floor surface.
  2. A new epoxy coating or other forms of adhesives for special use.
  3. Sealer or sealant add ons to finish any kind of flooring (i.e. industrial, commercial or residential.)

Any need you have for preparing your floor surface will be addressed by Advanced Concrete’s teams of qualified professionals. Call us today for details or email concretepolishing@bigpond.com