Polished Concrete

If you have a flooring project, you might want to know more about polished concrete and excellent qualities that make your expenses worthwhile.

Smart concrete technology is the thing that operates with the best kinds of installs in construction. Every year, thousands of new innovations come up and are applied to anything from doors to ceilings to floors. The complex of housing concerns can be daunting, but all you need to remember is to ask for smart materials, processes or work. 

Polished concrete in its advanced is something that has smart qualities that older, more traditional and more expensive flooring materials simply do not have. For one, “breathing” concrete installs enables construction companies to create energy efficient buildings.

polished concrete

When time and effort is given to the job, the results of this concrete installation is nothing short of amazing.

On the picture at left, you see the surface installed near the famous Louvre Museum in Paris, attesting to the growing popularity of advanced concrete. Even the most high profile destinations, like five star luxury hotels, can have it. For managers or building owners, putting in concrete of this kind into their installations is an easy decision to make.

Smart Tech in Polished Concrete Means…

  • 1. A concrete mass which creates more energy efficiency by being absorbing heat and cold. Your utility bills lower while comfort within your building improves.

  • 2. Epoxy, resins and adhesives provides a surface that is non slip, very easy to clean and maintain (no polishing needed) while virtually bacteria and allergen resistant.

  • 3. A highly versatile surface you can set up with any number of colours and designs, and can even mimick natural (and expensive, scarce) materials like granite.

  • smart tech helps make the making of advanced polished concrete possible
    You can have polished concrete virtually everywhere, even for the more specialised surfaces for business, industry, hospitals and utility installations.

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