Polished Concrete Eco Friendly

For those in the concreting industry, and for people who have polished concrete installed, this is an easy question to answer. Yes, polished concrete eco friendly. Knowing what to look for in specs to make sure that your installation is really environment friendly.

The most important thing to know is that concrete or cement products are the most sustainable for flooring. These have been in use and evolving for 7,000 thousand years. The materials, systems and use of concrete has generated so many functions and features and the future will bring on more advanced characteristics.

Second, concrete mass is a great agent for helping structures retain heat and insulate from the cold. This means a more energy efficient building is built with polished concrete floors. Also, energy efficiency is provided by an easy to maintain surface that is hard to chip and fends off bacteria growth and the presence of allergens.

We are aware of course that there are some critics whose standards for eco friendliness may be too high for us. So the parameters have to be defined for Polished concrete eco friendly to all stakeholders, including the land, the planet, water tables, surrounding vegetation and even fauna. By and large, our company is concerned with those who will use a home or office after flooring is finished and things like sustainability and minimising toxicity.

Advanced Concrete Polishing Gives You Concrete Polishing Eco Friendly

We are the most trusted concrete polishing specialists in North Queensland. One reason why is that we guarantee eco friendliness in what we do, the equipment and materials we use, and the results of any job.

We’ve been preparing surfaces, grinding and polishing them into perfect surfaces since 2003. Remember that polished concrete should ideally be a highly specialised process seldom done well by amateurs. Of course, you can DIY if you have the experience, expertise, materials and equipment.

Professional work though is fast, efficient and have effective results. There is no nonsense in our work, and our teams are always well equipped with advanced equipment. We are Husqvarna-certified for HiPER FLOOR© system guaranteeing results that last a hundred years or more.

polished concrete eco friendly

We cover most of North Queensland and can be contacted for any suburb or city in the state. Our expertise includes residential concrete floors, commercial installations, industrial flooring with special features for insulation and low conduction and any kind of flooring imaginable.

We have worked for government projects, individual home owners, special areas for gyms, convention centers and as far as Papua New Guinea. Cost efficiencies are in effect every time in our project process. Call us today for details at 0400 794 163 or email concretepolishing@bigpond.com.