Best Flooring For Building

Do you know that polished concrete flooring is the preferred best flooring for building residential and commercial space? Manufacturing floors and industrial buildings are also areas where concrete polishing has made headway. Homes, where stained concrete, marble, granite, stone and wood are some flooring options, are greatly enhanced in market value with polished concrete.

reducing expenses

This kind of concrete floor has been around only since 1991. Its use has quickly and quietly spread in construction projects big or small all over the world since. Flooring solutions like these will provide you with several things.

Pros Of Polished Concrete Floor

  1. It lowers your maintenance activity and costs.
  2. It gives you more energy efficiency.
  3. It protects you from bacteria growth and other allergens that stick to floor surfaces.
  4. It helps you save money while getting the most durable and attractive floor.
  5. For industries, it can help provide advanced protection with certain additional processes.

Per square metre, an installation like this can cost as little as $30 or as high as $120, depending on the qualities or features put in. This is done through grinding, polishing, seal polishing, mechanical polishing or honing. These are actually done in combination through built up layers or concrete slabs. The more advanced the process, the better the quality for durability, maintenance, beauty, gloss and the like.

You can have it for more utilitarian purposes like a garage floor, pavement, even warehouses or industrial floors. More specialised uses include concrete countertops. Or you can have things like a terrazzo tile effect with the concrete overlay for your home reception or party area like the patio. With epoxy coating, floor adhesives, densifier, acid stain, dyes and concrete stain, you can virtually create surfaces for any use or area with a polished concrete floor that has low maintenance needs.

Floor Preparation Process Of Polished Concrete

The equipment and jobs are varied, including abrasive machines, abrasion or sanding, diamond grinding, concrete coatings, concrete grinding, grits, silicates and other advanced concrete products. Aesthetically speaking, the results are often pleasing, but all of it can be accomplished mechanically or with the aid of machines as long as you use the right flooring materials. There is also a floor preparation process that can be short or long depending on the job required.

floor preparation process that helps you have the best polished concrete flooring results while reducing expenses

There is also a thing like architectural concrete or decorative concrete that serves concrete surfaces other than those walked or driven on. This process is like polished concrete, but uses things like etching and other tooling to create more decorative effects for walls, for instance.

Polishing concrete is truly a state of the art process when done by professionals, and this includes reduce expenses. It’s good to know that what we provide is not only affordable, but also the most advanced solutions to construction around. Plus, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly qualities are something we are proud of.

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